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Naibe Reynoso at School on Wheels in Skid Row

Con Todo Press has been committed to community and social causes. We frequently connect with our customers by participating in local events, book festivals, fairs and school readings. Another way we connect with the community is by hiring local women and BIPOC creatives. We have been able to support dozens of illustrators, web designers, and other creatives. Lastly, we have been partnering with many local non-profit organizations by donating books and/or offering book readings to various organizations that support underserved communities including the Skid Row Learning Center. We have impacted thousands of children by showing them that they matter, that they are seen!

Naibe Reynoso Reading at Texas book festival

Con Todo Press has been committed to giving back to community organizations and social causes, We have either donated our time and/or hundreds of books to various organizations, spreading the message of inclusivity and empowerment. Some of the organizations we have partnered with include Schools on Wheels, Children’s hospital, Diversify your Stacks, Little Libraries, Spanish sin Pena, Girasoles en Marcha and more. This social component to our company DNA and we hope that as our company grows, so will our ability to give back.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Con Todo Press please email us at

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