Meet the Team

Maria Tuti

Maria Tuti is a Mexican illustrator. Her path as a children’s book illustrator has led her to work with publishers around the world: Edelvives Editorial, DoubleInk Publishing, Richmond Solutions, Alma Books, UNESCO (Save the Children), Con Todo Press, Kazoo Magazine.

Her goal is to paint a better world for children and sow in them seeds of love, trust, courage and respect.

Illustrator: Courageous Camila 


Giselle Carrillo

Giselle Carrillo is a proud first generation Latina born and raised in East Los Angeles. She is an LA-based community activist, health educator, children’s book author, surfer, martial artist, and entrepreneur.  Giselle has worked to bring  lessons in courage, potential, inner strength, and leadership to the diverse children of the city of Los Angeles by teaching free surf lessons each summer through her non-profit Los Courage Camps. Los Courage Camps has taught over 900 children and their familias how to find their courage by braving the unknown and learning something new. Courageous Camila, Giselle’s debut children’s book under ConTodo Press, follows the journey of a first generation little Latina as she finds her courage through martial arts. Giselle featured on the Apple TV, The TODAY Show, Despierta America, Univision, Telemundo, The LA Times and ABC News.


Mitzi Fernandez

Mitzi Fernandez Spitzer is a first generation Cuban American whose book was inspired by her deep love for her family and the customs and traditions she grew up with. Her greatest joy and role in this life is being a mother to her five beautiful children. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and family where she spends her work week as an elementary librarian.

Author: Abuela’s Wishing Tree / El árbol de los deseos de abuela


Victoria Infante

Victoria Infante was born and raised in Guadalajara, MĂ©xico. She has been working as a journalist for almost three decades. She holds a Masters Degree in Spanish Literature from Cal State Los Angeles and recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona as a Spanish teacher. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.

El Cucuy Translator

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Joan Leal

Joan Leal is a Venezuelan illustrator who loves to create digital watercolor illustrations in order to express what she or people around her are going through. She especially loves to illustrate children’s picture books, among you can find Be Bold! Be Brave 11 Latinas who made U.S. history, Fearless Trailblazers: 11 Latinos who made U.S. History, Little Wonders and Hooray, It’s Three Kings Day!.

Clients include ConTodoPress, OwlCrateJr, Young Authors Publishing, OddPieces and Familius Publishing. 

Illustrator: Be Bold Be Brave! Chiquitos, Be Bold! Be Brave! / ¡Sé audaz, sé valiente!, Courageous History Makers: 11 Women from Latin America Who Changed the World, Fearless Trailblazers: 11 Latinos who made U.S. History.


Gabriela Vega

Gabriela Vega is a proud Latina children’s book illustrator from Southern California and a graduate from Cal State Fullerton, where she obtained her BFA in Illustration. She has won two awards from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and was selected as a mentee for Scholastic’s Art Mentorship Program 2023.

She is the illustrator of I Love You My Little Taquito written by Naibe Reynoso, What Is the Shape of My Egg? written by Lisa Weckbacher, and The Cactus Dance written by April Lesher. Along with illustrating, Gabriela aspires to become an art teacher and is continuing her education at National University. 

Illustrator: I Love You My Little Taquito


Ana Valera

Ana Varela is a freelance illustrator based in Spain. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, and a Master’s Degree in Teacher Training from University in A Coruña where she is from.

From an early age she was passionate about painting and drawing. Since 2015 she works as an illustrator, specially for children's books and young readers. Her illustrations have been published in several countries: Iceland, France, Korea, Spain or the United States.

Illustrator: How To Fold A Taco