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Little Plants, Plantitas, is a bilingual and colorful adventure through emotions. From a bright sunflower representing happiness to the gentle fern embodying calmness, children will embark on a journey through their feelings. This delightful book not only introduces the beauty of nature to children but also encourages young readers to understand and express their emotions through the language of plantitas.

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Naibe Reynoso Holding her Con Todo Press Book Libros

Founder: Naibe Reynoso, first generation Mexican-American Journalist

Multi-Emmy award Latina journalist and author

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naibe dolores

Highlighting Hispanic Heroes

Con Todo Press aims to shine a light on heroes from our community. From activist Dolores Huerta, to Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Although Latinos are over 18% of the population, only 5% of books were written by Latino authors according to the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC). At Con Todo Press, we aim to bridge that gap, so children can learn about heroes from their own community.

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School Visits: Engaging with the Community

At Con Todo Press we do everything with purpose. That is why our founder has visited dozens of schools, musems and other centers to engage with the community and spread the message of empowerment. Some of the schools and organizations she has visited include: Maywood Elementary, Canfield Elementary, ICEF Vista Charter, El Marino Language School, Chiqui-Social, Libros Schmibros Lending Library, Santa Monica’s Pico Branch library, Merlinda Elementary and many more.

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